Tree Paeonia

What flower in the world is more breath taking than that of the tree peony. The size is amazing the texture exotic and the plant is loaded with history.

If you want to grow them well a sunny spot without tree root competition is best (if you could grow good vegies you should be able to grow tree peonies). Prepare the soil well with lots of rotted manure and a lashing of dolomite lime and water in well, then be patient! Usually they take a year to settle, a year to start and the next one to get underway!

If you don’t get frosts never fear as the tree peonies don’t need a winter chill like the herbaceous types do so these are perfectly growable in most areas of Victoria.

I have at least 40 varieties available at the moment starting at $48.50 in 8″ pots so don’t let the grass grow before a visit after all they would be better in your garden than my nursery!Paeonia 'Corsair' Paeonia 'Arcadia' Paeonia 'Solitude' Paeonia 'Black Panther' Paeonia 'Hana Kisoi' Paeonia 'Destiny' Paeonia 'Rimpo'

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