• Trillium luteum

    Posted on June 7, 2015 by in Collector Plants, Foliage plants, Perennials, shade tolerant, Woodlanders

    Of all the woodland plants that one could grow this Genus must be the creme del a creme with their stunning flowers and wonderful foliage and I guess the only  down side is the remarkably slow growth rate of most of them!!

    This is the first time after about 15 years of having this particular species that I have at last got a small quantity to sell. They should be flowering size which usually takes about 8 years or more from seed!

    Give them a cool aspect under a deciduous tree in good compost enriched soil and wait a few years and a clump should be the result. For the time involved at $42.50 per plant it is a bargain but don’t wait too long I only have a few.Tfrillium luteum

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