Tropaeolum speciosum

I well remember this amazing herbaceous climber  known as Flame Creeper dripping out of yew hedges in England and couldn’t wait to try it myself. So eventually seed came my way and up they came. It all seemed too easy considering the dire warnings of pundits suggesting it needs a Scottish climate to thrive! Well it has turned out to be something of a prima donna needing as it does a cool moist shaded root run and a reasonable amount of light on top to encourage flowering. So obviously growing it through a moisture sapping conifer hedge isn’t going to work in Australia (unless are in a damp part of Tasmania!)

Growing it in a pot doesn’t work as enough cool shade to grow the plant won’t allow it to flower so if you are up for the challenge then a cool fence where it can run up to the light is probably the way to go. If you are up for it I have plants in 15cm. pots for $25.50, and could be the only person in the country offering it.

If the scarlet flowers aren’t enough you can eat the foliage (if you dare) and the flowers are followed by charming blue seeds, what more could you want? Perhaps something easier to make happy!


Tropaeolum speciosum

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