Ulmus parvifolia ‘Frosty’

If someone was to ask me for a list of my favourite trees this one would have to be close to the top of the list ! Why I hear you ask and the reasons as one would expect are multiple, from the elegant form of the tree , its attractive barkUlmus parvifolia 'Frosty', its speed of growth, to the pretty way that the foliage changes colour throughout the growing season.

Its leaves start off a lovely lemon colour in spring and as the season advances the colour recedes to the edges so that by mid summer the leaves are green with whitish teeth giving a frosted effect that makes the cultivar name most appropriate. Come autumn the leaves turn again to a soft yellow before shedding. It entertains me all year round so what more could you want. I have to say it also grows big enough to make a stunning shade tree without getting so large as to not be suitable as a tree in a small garden.The shade it casts is also light enough to give shade without it getting too dark.

I have plants at $69.50 and about 2 metres tall.


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