Uvularia grandiflora

This has to be one of the most elegant of woodland perennials and the common name of Merry Bells almost says it all, just as well the common name wasn’t derived from its botanic one as it was named after the flap of skin that hangs down the back of your mouth, Hardly romantic!

It flowers in spring on 20cm. tall stems and the unfurling leaves set off the lemon bells to perfection. In the late summer the whole plant turns yellow and then disappears till next spring. In a cool compost enriched spot it will fairly soon produce a goodly clump.

I also have the even more diminutive species U. sessilifolia in two variegated forms. The silver edged U.s. ‘Variegata’ and the gold U.s. ‘Cobblewood Gold’ and all are in 6″ pots at $18.50 each. Why not have the collection?Uvularia grandiflora

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