Uvularia sessilifolia ‘Cobblewood Gold’

This tiny little North American woodlander is so small and petite that I usually only sell it when I point it out to people so hopefully this post might encourage some of you to actually ask for it and its relative U. s.‘Variegata’ which has white edged leaves. My selection only grows to about 15cms. tall and has gold variegated leaves and tiny drooping lemon bell flowers in spring.

Like the other forms and species in this small Genus it likes a cool aspect with moist soil and as it is so small it may even make a better pot plant where it can be displayed on a table closer to eye level.

For all its tiny size it is an charming and elegant little plant that those who are over overt vulgarity in the garden will I am sure appreciate. I have plants of both variegated forms in 5″ pots for $18.50.Uvularia sessilifolia 'Cobblewood Gold'

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