Vancouveria hexandra

This dainty little woodland perennial from North America is surprisingly hardy in a slightly shaded aspect,coping with some dry in summer and in my garden it will burn off and come again when the soil is remoistened if I inadvertently miss watering it, not that I recommend such slack behaviour!

It has pale green foliage rather like a Maiden Hair Fern above which hover tiny white flowers with swept back petals like those of a Cyclamen only smaller in spring.

The plant will in time make good sized colonies if it is happy and can easily be divided in winter if more plants are required. It is closely related to the far more popular Epimediums and I guess that due to the lack of variety in my selected Genus it is unlikely to rival them in popularity but that is no excuse for not planting some of this charming and fairly easy going plant. I have well grown ones in 6″ pots for $18.50.Vancouveria hexandra

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