Viburnum henryi

The Genus Viburnum is a remarkable one with a huge diversity of uses and features. In fact you could have a whole garden made up of nothing but and it would be interesting and exciting, with evergreen and deciduous, some with scent,some with berries, some with autumn colour, some with tiered branches or round ground covering form.

So I’m sure that this Genus will show up in my blogs regularly!

The one I have selected is a quiet unsung species with real elegance and a solid constitution. It comes from Asia and has rich green shiny evergreen foliage on an open airy shrub with slightly layered branches to 4metres tall. Never thick enough to completely hide your strange behaviour from them next door but thick enough to soften a view. With a little pruning or shaping it would make a quite oriental feature plant.

It produces clusters of small white flowers in spring followed by red berries that blacken with age. It will grow in sun or shade and is drought tolerant to boot.

I have plants in 20cm. pots at $32.50 as well as some larger ones for the truly impatient.Viburnum henryi


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