• Wigandia caracasana

    Posted on July 12, 2016 by in Collector Plants, drought tolerant, evergreen, Foliage plants, shade trees, Trees

    Wigandia caracasanaThis amazing small tree has huge leaves that will entertain in more ways than one! they are bold to look at and can sting a bit like a weak stinging nettle, great to fool the unweary.In early summer it produces large clusters of deep mauve flowers to add to its exotic look. It is a bit frost tender in my climate but now that it is well established it always comes back from the main trunks in spring. It will sucker a bit so you need to control it which I don’t find that hard and the impressiveness of the plant makes up for any effort. Nice plants at the moment in 20cm. pots for $32.50Wigandia caracasana

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