X Chitalpa tashkentensis

A truly remarkable intergenetic hybrid between Chilopsis linearis and Catalpa bignonioides breed at the Botanic Garden of the Uzbec Academy of Science in 1964. Although both Genera are in the same family they appear quite different and a cross would seem unlikely and the result possibly less that ornamental.

However this plant has proved to be a winner in many ways. Its long narrow leaves are eye catching and its short spites of foxglove like flowers throughout summer when they are most useful and the plant is a bushy large shrub or small tree to 7metres.

It is drought tolerant and seems unfazed by 40c. days when other plants around turn crispy and in fact keeps on growing through the heat. It is cold hardy at least as far as we in Australia can throw at it and then some.

It is sterile so does’t produce seed so what is holding you back! I have plants almost 2metres tall in 10″ pots for $59.50X Chitalpa tashkentensis

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