x Mahoberberis aquisargentii

We can never have enough tough shade tolerant shrubs that can also take it dry and with this in mind I imported this bizarre cross between Mahonia aquifolia and Berberis sargentii in 2003, so I thought it about time I promoted it!

It will grow to about 1.5metres each way with stems erupting from ground level. They don’t branch much but are clothed with shiny green foliage that can be almost spineless to very spiny even on the one branch so it is bound to create comment. It also produces clusters of yellow flowers mainly in winter followed by black berries.

Although I recommend it for shade it will cope quite well with some sun and also would make an interesting long lasting pot plant.

It can be cut quite hard if needs be although I haven’t ever seen the need to cut my original plant for its sake or mine.

I have well grown plants in 25cm. pots at $39.50, why not plant a drift!Mahoberberis aquisargentii

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