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Stephen Ryan is the newly appointed Patron for the Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria (RHSV). He is also the President of the Mt Macedon Horticultural Society, one of the oldest gardening clubs in Victoria.

Stephen lectures and holds seminars both in Australia as well as overseas which have included a lecture that was translated into Spanish as he spoke to an audience in Argentina. As a plant hunter and traveller he has travelled to many places in the world such as Namibia, India, Oregon, England, Ireland, South Africa, Peru, New Guinea and France as well as the aforementioned Argentina. He has also led tours into Madagascar and North West France.

He has published three books on rare plants that have received rave reviews and his manual contains over 2000 plant entries of rare plants available in temperate Australia. He also contributed to the two large tomes produced in Australia Botanica and more recently Flora. Stephen’s garden and nursery hold three national plant collections, CornusSambucus and Acanthus, for the Garden Plants Conservation Association of Australia.

The Nursery

Stephen's Dicksonia Rare Plants is situated in the heart of Mount Macedon and is one of Australia’s most unique nurseries with over 2000 plants from around the world.


Stephen leads tours to some of the most beautiful gardens around the world, including France, Morocco, Madagascar, Spain, Chile, New Zealand and around Australia.

The Garden

Get a group of 20 or more together and visit Stephen's garden Tugurium. Well known as the set of ABC Garden Australian during Stephen's time as host.

About Stephen

Stephen is an horticulturalist, nurseryman, collector, prolific writer and award-winning radio broadcaster and TV presenter.​

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