Allium siculum

This bulb has for a long time been excluded from the Onions into the much harder to spell Genus of Nectaroscordum but thank heaven it is back again! However no matter what it is called it is a fine addition to any garden.

It grows during the late winter through the early spring and then flowers on metre tall stems. Its flowers are a strange mixture of dusty burgundy-brown off white and dull green which doesn’t sound all that showy but when it is seen in quantity it is an elegant and arresting addition to any sunny border. It also makes an attractive cut flower that is bound to create comment.

It multiplies well and in a fairly short time you will have a respectable clump. If you end up with too many it is even edible although I haven’t tried it so it may not be all that tasty! I prefer to pot up extra and sell them to you!

I have large tubes with several bulbs in each available at $8.50Allium siculum

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