Araucaria angustifolia

This amazing evergreen conifer is native to Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay and is rarely offered in Australia. It is commonly called the Candelabra Tree or Parana Pine.It will grow quite quickly in an open sunny site and you only have to look at the picture I have included of the tree planted in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens for Dame Elisabeth Murdoch’s 100th. birthday to see how quickly it will make an impressive tree.The original one was stolen by a plant collecting thief and the replacement was planted sometime about 2007.

It can grow to 50metres although you won’t need to worry about it! It is upright with a single trunk and branches that are arranged in whorls up the trunk making it look like a tree put together by a committee!

Although the nuts are edible they are only produced on pollinated female trees and don’t form for at least 15 to 20 years so don’t consider them for a self-sufficient type of garden unless you plant in quantity for your children!

If you are looking for an unusual and dramatic tree this could be just the thing and considering that it was listed as critically endangered in 2006 on the Red list of endangered species it would be good to see lots more planted.

I have young trees in 20cm. pots for $48.50.IMG_0038

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