Asarum caudatum ‘Album’

Asarum caudatum albumThis North American woodlander has become one of my favourite ground cover plants for moist shade. Its lovely kidney shaped leaves cover the ground with a weed suppressing mat year round and in only a couple of years it has covered about 2 square metres. It grows to about 30cms. tall and falling leaves drop nicely in between its foliage so that it isn’t smothered as some ground covers are by a heavy leaf fall.

I have also found it easy to control as it runs along the surface so that excess can easily be pulled out or trimmed back with a spade.

The flowers hide under the leaves to a large extent much like all the others in this Genus but parting the leaves to look in is a rewarding experience.

This group are known as Wild Gingers due to the gingery smell of the roots but aren’t related to what we in Australia tend to thing of when ginger is mentioned.

I has lovely plants of this species as well as about 10 other at $18.50 so why not ginger up your garden.

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