Canna ‘The Red Centre’

This Australian bred Canna hybrid is possibly the best red one in existence with its huge rounded bright red flowers with a very fine gold edge to the petals. It has bright green paddle like leaves and grows only to about 1 to 1.5 metres tall. It was bred by Mrs. Reis in Queensland now in her 90’s and is a great selection. If it has a short coming it is that it is a fairly slow multiplier and I don’t ever have it in quantity. The only other person with it is Frank Hogan at Country Gardens in Mackay although we have supplied it to the Bendigo Botanic Gardens for their national Canna collection registered with “Plant Trust”.

Remember all Cannas love sun, water, and fertiliser so plant them near a dripping tap and tie a horse to the tap!

A few plants in 20cm. pots to go at $23.50 as well as a whole lot of other species and hybrids rarely available here.DSC_0565

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