Tulbaghia cominsii

This group of hardy perennials is well known for the mauve flowered species T. violacea commonly called society garlic even though its oniony flavour is perhaps marginally useful in cooking. The plant however is a good thing in the garden. Perhaps even less useful in the kitchen because of its tiny stature but none the …

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Serapias lingua

I don’t grow a lot of orchids as they usually need specific conditions to perform well and I just don’t have time to fiddle unfortunately. However some ground Orchids and this one in particular are easy plants ideal in pots or in a sunny rock garden where they can be allowed to dry out in …

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Cyclamen repandum

My favourite species is probably the one that is in flower at the moment! And C. repandum is just coming out as the spring approaches and so is my favourite at the moment. Its flowers are usually a strong carmine pink with long elegant curled petals and the perfume is divine, although it is best …

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Acis tingitana

The true snowflakes are often seen as the poor cousins of the Snowdrops (Galanthus) however this is quite unfair as although they may not have as many species and certainly no where near as many forms and hybrids they certainly have quite a lot of diversity and the Moroccan Snowflake is an interesting example. It …

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Acis autumnalis

They can’t get much daintier than the autumn snowflake! Once included in Leucojum this tiny bulb will suddenly erupt out of the ground as the days shorten and if in large enough clumps will be quite telling in a rock garden or ornamental pot. A small clump will soon become a good sized one and …

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