Ground cover

Griselinia scandens

I first saw this South American arching shrub at the Mt. Tomah Botanic gardens and immediately knew I had to have it. It has elegant long arching branches clothed with stemless glossy apple-green leaves and in winter it produces open clusters of tiny chocolate flowers. It is however its habit and leaves that it should …

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Epimedium ogisui

No garden can do without these stunning woodland plants with their beautiful leaves and sprays of tiny spurred flowers at this time of the year. Most are fairly hardy and make lovely clumps under any deciduous tree or shrub. I keep collecting different species and forms and this one I originally imported from England and …

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Asarum magnificum

The wild gingers as they are called are fabulous clumping or ground cover plants and in the case of this one it has large glossy evergreen leaves often well marked with white. Under the leaves it produces stranger black and white flowers well worth looking for in late winter and spring. This one makes a …

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Jasminum nudiflorum

This indestructible plant will grow in sun or shade cope with drought and the roots of the most vicious kinds and can be grown as a sprawling shrub, a trailing wall cover, a climber or a standard. It is particularly good thrown up through the lower branches of an uninteresting tree trunk. It produces its bright …

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