Cercidiphyllum japonicum

This stunning large tree from Japan and China is rarely seen or planted in Australia and I guess that it would be all but impossible to grow in most districts due to heat but anyone who lives in the cooler hill station parts of Australia should consider getting one (or several for a copse or avenue!).

It will grow quite fast if the conditions suit (cool climate and deep moisture retentive soils) and will in time produce large sweeping fan type branches covered in its dainty heart shaped leaves.

Come autumn the foliage turns soft yellow with hints of apricot and pink and as the leaves die they exude a sweet toffee like scent that would seem to be a fairly unique feature. Imaging a whole driveway smelling like that in the fall! The plant seems to need to get fairly well established before this remarkable characteristic becomes obvious but it does give you something to live for!

I have young plants in 7″ pots for $29.50 so there isn’t any excuse for stopping at just one!Cercidiphyllum japonicum

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