Chionanthus retusus

This small genus is usually represented in horticulture by the American species C. virginicus and the Chinese one that is the topic of this blog. However both are worth growing and for sale at the moment in 15cm. pots for $28.50.

Both are large deciduous shrubs or small trees that can reach 4 to 5 metres and produce a mass of white fluffy flowers in early summer when the spring nonsense is over.

The subject of the profile has smaller leaves and is often the more tree like of the two but it is a toss up as to which is best in my opinion, so perhaps plant both!

The foliage turns a respectable yellow in autumn and you may get crops of blackish berries in late summer.

They aren’t easy to propagate hence the scarcity in cultivation so I’m pleased to have both to offer.

Plant them in a sunny well drained aspect and be patient as it can take some time to start showing its stuff but a well grown plant is well worth the wait.Chionanthus retusus

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