Cydonia sinensis

The  Chinese Quince that was until recently called Pseudocydonia has to be one of the best small trees you could have! It has attractive deep pink flowers in mid spring followed by large oblong yellow fruit in summer that is by the way edible, then the foliage turns stunning colours in autumn and as if that wasn’t enough when it is well established its bark is every bit as good as that of a Crepe Myrtle.

Well it doesn’t end there as it ages it develops a lovely knarled form that adds greatly to its character and it is remarkably hardy to boot! Does it also come with steak knives!!!!

It grows well in any sunny to semi shaded aspect and although it likes good drainage isn’t fussy about soil types.

I have them in 15cm. pots at $22.50 and 25cm. pots at $59.50 so why are they still in my nursery?DSC_1323

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