Disterigma alaternoides

disterigma alaternoidesI have only met this plant recently as a struck cutting I bought at the AGM auction of Plant Trust an important organisation that registers plant collections. I have only had it a couple of years and it has been a winner in every respect as far as I am concerned.

It is a neotropical Blue berry relative from Northern South America and the small fruit are indeed edible and these follow the tiny white urn shaped flowers. It is however for its lovely foliage and form that I would encourage you to grow it.

The evergreen leaves are small and almost triangular in shape and start out soft green and turning mid green at maturity. They are densely arranged on the arching stems and the plant would make a lovely weeping pot or basket subject to about 1.5metres each way.

Give it a lightly shaded aspect such as a fernery or under a veranda and wait for the complements! it seems to have a small root system and in the wild is often found growing in the compost in the forks of trees (epiphytic).

I have lovely young plants in 15cm. pots at $22.50 ready to go into that pot or basket now.

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