Euonymus cornutus

This Chinese shrub will grow to about 2metres or so with narrow semi-evergreen leaves and a light airy framework. the leaves are bright green and willow like and those that do shed in autumn turn soft pinky-orange.

It has small chocolate coloured flowers in spring that for this Genus are quite showy and then the sparks fly. The bright pink four valved fruit split open in late summer autumn to show of the bright orange seeds that dangle from fine filaments. All in all a rather unique and showy effect always going to illicit comments.

This is a reasonably hardy shrub that will grow well in sun or semi-shade and isn’t that fussy about soil type although as with practically everything else the better the soil the better it will do.

the berries make stunning cut material for the vase and I have limited numbers available in 25cm pots for $36.50Euonymus cornutus

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