Euonymus fortunei ‘Colorata’

This has to be one of the most indestructible plants I grow so could be something everyone should plant except it would then be as common as muck which it is in Europe and America!

It can be grown as a lax shrubby ground cover , trailed over a large bank or espaliered along a fence.

It is drought tolerant, will grow in shade or full sun and if you are lucky enough to live in a frosty climate the evergreen leaves will turn stunning shades of burgundy in winter. it also produces masses of white berries in autumn that split to expose orange seeds making quite a show.

I have one I trained along a cyclone fence that is covering an area of at least 15metres so allow it room or sharpen those secateurs!Euonymus fortunei 'Coloratus'DSC_0759

I have plants in 15cm. pots for $18.50

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