Euphorbia cyparissas ‘Fen’s Ruby’

This tough as they come dwarf herbaceous perennial was something I originally imported from Beth Chatto’s nursery in England although I seem not to have been the only one.

As the accompanying picture attests its spring foliage is ruby coloured turning slowly grey-green and its heads of bright green flowers are a stunning complement to the whole. After flowering the plant elongates to about 15 or 20cms. tall so it isn’t a giant by any means. It does however sucker profusely so discretion is a must as it is hard to eradicate. I have it in the edge of a sunny border on my driveway edge and the shade behind halts its progress in one direction and the car tyres in the other!

I have plants in 15cm. pots at $18.50. DSC_0114

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