Greyia sutherlandii

This hardy South African shrub grows to about 3metres over time, is deciduous in colder climates and has its spikes of brilliant red flowers for months during the spring. The leaves are large and bright green looking very like those of a zonal pelargonium, what some would still call a geranium.

The shrub itself has heavy stems and a fairly open framework making it quite picturesque in time. It is fairly cold tolerant and loves a hot sunny aspect with good drainage, surely not beyond most of us! It isn’t fussy about soil type either so why isn’t more regularly available?

I once saw stunning old bush fire burnt specimens in the Drakensberg Mountains with blackened stems, grass green leaves and flowers galore. I don’t wish to set fire to my garden but I would love to replicate the effect.

It is known in its homeland as Bottlebrush which could be somewhat confusing in Australia so just stick with Greyia, it isn’t hard to spell or pronounce!

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