Halleria lucida

Attractive and interesting multipurpose evergreen shrubs are not that easy to find hence the proliferation of such abominations as the James Stirling Pittosporum grown in the thousands to annoy good gardeners everywhere.

Were I looking for a quick growing shrub to 4 metres or so to hide my strange behaviour from them next door I would instead select this South African plant. It is fast and will grow in sun or shade, it has attractive leaves and in late spring masses of tubular orange flowers that give it the common name of South African Honeysuckle. The flowers are much loved by honey eating birds and are followed by edible small black berries. All things that the aforementioned Pittosporum can’t do. It can also be pruned quite drastically if need be without the plant pegging out.

I have a new crop in 20cm. pots at $18.50 so shock the neighbours and plant something different that will still keep them from looking at you!Halleria lucida

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