Juncus effusus ‘Spiralis’

If you are looking for a plant that will be a talking point and entertain children of all ages this could be the one for you!

It is a clump forming evergreen rush that is grown for its stems which corkscrew in a most endearing way, each with a different amount of twirl so as it looks like a plant that has had a very bad perm!

Grow it in an ornamental pot sitting in a permanent saucer of water in a sunny spot and wait for the questions. It will like all self respecting bog plants also grow well in permanently damp clay on the edge of a pond or even partially sunk into the water.

Grow it in quantity simply by dividing a large clump at any time of the year and clean out dead stems every so often to keep it looking at its best.

I have plants in squat 15cm. pots at $14.50 and I thought that those who were listening to me on 3CR. radio this morning might like an image of the plant I spoke of.IMG_1591

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