Mahonia gracilipes

This is definitely the exception to the rule when it comes to this Genus. It is summer flowering instead of autumn winter as with most others, and isn’t yellow!

An extremely slow growing evergreen shrub from China that was described in 1887 but only got to Australia via me in 1998 or there about. This is the first time I have been able to get a very small number of cuttings struck after all that time, mainly due to having to wait for the stock plant to get big enough!

Like the majority of the Genus it is shade and dry tolerant so is ideal for the patient gardener with old trees.

It has large leaflets that are spineless and they have a lovely silvery reverse that obviously isn’t easy to see unless you turn them over or lie on the ground!

The pink flowers with a cream centre aren’t as showy as yellow ones but the whole plant exudes class and is a must for the discerning gardener. I have today 6 plants in 20cm. pots, very small but as far as I know the only ones for sale in Australia at only $100 each. Be quickDSC_0862

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