Narcissus cyclamineus

This has to be one of the most beautiful species daffodils and rarely offered for sale in Australia. It is exceptionally slow to multiply and so is best raised from seed which needs to be hand pollinated to set. It usually takes at the least 3 years to reach flowering size and unlike other daffodils it can’t be left out of the ground and dried for any length of time so isn’t very amenable to mail order.

It likes a semi shaded aspect where it never dries right out and it will naturalise if you hand pollinate it each year.

It was for a long time thought to be on the verge of extinction in the wild (Portugal) and for many year was in fact considered to be in the same league as the Unicorn!

I have a small number for sale this year and they are in bud at the moment. They are $15.50 each.DSC_0028 I don’t have any Unicorns though!

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