Osmanthus heterophyllus ‘Aureomarginatus’

As the national collection holder of the Genus Osmanthus I thought it about time to feature at least one and the one I’ve chosen is the above as I have a half good picture of it.

It is a hardy evergreen shrub to about 2metres with handsome gold variegated holly like leaves that would be more than enough to grow it for in the ground or as a tub specimen. But in late summer it will produce tiny white trumpet flowers that have little visual effect but they will get the nose twitching with its strong fragrance.

Grow it in sun or shade, trim or cut it as you feel fit or even grow it as a charming hedge. It isn’t fussy about soils and is fairly drought tolerant once it is established so what more could you want? Unless it is the other 25 species and forms I have in the national collection. Perhaps you could hold a back up one!DSC_0406

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