oxalis species


Hated by many due to the weedy species many Oxalis make great rock garden or pot plants with attractive leaves and stunning flowers. The winter growing species are all on the move now and looking good so put aside your preconceived ideas and enjoy these stunning long flowering plants. Here are just a few of the ones I grow so start collecting. They are easy as can be liking full sun and a dry summer rest. They are O.bowei, O. ‘Craig Lidgerwood’, O. polyphylla, O. tomentosa, O.flava var.succulenta O. flava white form, O. massoniana, O. melanosticta, O. gracilis. Just a few of the thirty or more types I have.DSC_0687DSC_0065DSC_0076DSC_0717DSC_0077DSC_0081DSC_0072DSC_0720DSC_0775

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