Pancratium maritimum

This rarely offered bulb is a great thing for the water saver as it comes from coastal areas around the Mediterranean so obviously will do well in almost any sunny well drained site in southern Australia. If it does get some water it can be more or less evergreen but is quite happy having a full summer dormancy.

It produces its exotic looking pure white flowers in summer and they pick well and are highly scented as well. It grows to about 30cms. or so in bloom and the leaves are narrow and upright with an attractive grey-green colour. For some reason it is often commonly called a Sea Daffodil which is drawing a long bow in my humble opinion and the botanical name is fairly easy and uncomplicated so we should all stick to that.

I find it multiplies well and so won’t take long to build into sizable clumps and i guess the only other piece of cultural advice I will give is to make sure you don’t burry the bulbs to deep.

I have bulbs in active growth at the moment in large tubes for $10.Pancratium maritima

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