Parthenocissus henryana

The Chinese silver vein creeper has to be one of the most useful climbers I grow for all of the following reasons. It will grow well in sun or shade and is about the only autumn colouring plant I know that will turn stunning shades in either. The leaves in shade will however have the lovely silver veins which seem to fade in the sun. either way the autumnal colour is a bright red with or without a white vein.

Another major feature is that unlike so many climbers this one will clamber to the top (via gentle suction cups) and then dangle with grace and not become an unstuffed mattress wobbling at the top.

As if that wasn’t enough the reverse of the leaf has a lovely bDSC_0291urgundy shade which will be visible when you look out the window as all the leaves will be facing out.

It isn’t fussy about soil type and only really requires good drainage so grow it over your fences, pergolas, houses or up through your trees. It will even gently cover the ground but not swamp its bed fellows.

I have plants in 25cm pots at $18.50

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