Persicaria virginiana filiformis ‘Painter’s Palette’

If you don’t like variegation don’t read on! This herbaceous perennial has to have some not the most over the top leaf colour of any cold hardy plant and I for one love it!

It grows to about 60cms. or so and builds into a substantial clump in a fairly short time. The large leaves have a bronze chevron about half way along the leaf and the whole thing is splashed with cream in completely random fashion.I challenge you to find two the same! In the semiDSC_0270-shade that it likes from a distance you would swear that the sun was filtering in from above.

Grow in with Hostas and other woodland style perennials for a great effect.

It produces spices of tiny flowers that are pink in bud and white when open in the late autumn. Not the main game but pretty enough at close quarters.

I have plants in 15cm. pots at $18.50

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