Quercus dentata

Oaks have for some years now proved their worth in our southern Australian climateQuercus dentata. Almost without exception they have dealt with years of drought with aplomb, wet summers as well, have proven to be fire retardant and in most cases have virtually no weed potential so what more could you want?

I hear many of you say that they are slow growing and in general grow far to large for a suburban garden, but this isn’t really so. Many oaks grow fairly fast and Quercus dentata the Daimyo Oak  is a classic example as I have a tree that has been in 2 years and started in a 7″ pot at 25cms. tall and is now over 2.5metres tall and yet it will only make a moderately sized tree with an open canopy that lets ample light in making it an ideal specimen tree for even a fairly small garden.

For me its greatest asset is its huge leaves which are the largest in the Genus and can reach15 to 20cms. long and in autumn they usually turn lovely shades of orange red. A well grown specimen of this Asian species will always create comment. I have young plants in 7″ pots for $22.50.

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