Roldana petisitis

Once included in Senecio this soft wooded shrub will quickly grow to 3 metres or so and with its huge round furry leaves make a tropical statement in any garden. In winter it produces large panicles of tiny yellow daisies to add to the fun.

It will grow well in sun or shade and although somewhat frost tender will usually shoot back again quickly and if the frost doesn’t knock it down you will probably need to prune it hard anyway to encourage strong vigorous growth every few years. It is quite drought tolerant as well so should be suitable for most gardens. It was in fact quite a common garden plant that fell from favour and I for one want to bring it back!

It hails from Mexico and would quite at home with its compatriots the tree daisy, Montonoa and the tree Dahlias. What a dramatic effect you could create. I have plants in 25cm. pots for $19.50DSC_0928

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