Rubus rugosus

There are blackberries and there are blackberries! I spend a lot of time destroying the weedy ones and almost no time tending this handsome beastie. It has long arching canes so needs a fence or other support to tie it back to and the oldest canes need removing every couple of years otherwise it couldn’t be easier. The foliage is large attractive and worth growing it for. In spring it produces its pink flowers and in autumn the pay off is the large sweet tasting Blackberries.

If you are a jam maker the ratio of seeds to pulp is greater than wild fruit and if you aren’t they are great fresh as a topping for ice-cream.

Any will drained site in sun or semi-shade with manured soil should do, so why not plant one and then stand back! I have plants in 20cm. pots at $24.50.

If this plant has a down side the fruit is hard to pick without squishing it. I did how ever win best fruit in show at the local Horticultural Society Flower show with it one year!Rubus rugosa

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