Saruma henryi

This lovely woodland perennial is rarely seen in nurseries in Australia and I have a nice batch just potted into 6″ pots at $18.50 so don’t miss out. It grows to about 40cms. tall and has furry heart shaped leaves that are a feature on their own, but when it flowers its three petalled yellow flowers make quite a statement and the bright green calyx that is left after blooming is nearly as showy!

It is related to Asarum the wild ginger and those that are astute will have noticed that the Genus name is in fact an anagram of Asarum, some botanists have a quirky way about them!

Like most woodlanders a cool moist aspect or a pot in semi-shade will suit this plant well and it will repay any attention you give it. It can be propagated if slowly by division and the only thing you will need to do for it is to cut it down in late autumn.Saruma henryi

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