Smyrnium perfoliatum

This has to be about the best self seeding biennial or perhaps triennial I have ever introduced into my garden! It has only two seed leaves the first season then  Italian parsley like leaves after that and then when it decides to flower it grows to about 60cms tall and looks like a cross between a carrot and a Euphorbia. It is related to the first but looks a bit more like the unrelated Euphorbia.

The yellow green bracts light up a shaded corner and look fabulous with that other well known self seeder, Forget Me Nots! It also makes a good follower for early bulbs.

It will grow in most soils and aspects and is edible to boot! Use it as an unusual cut flower but just make sure you let at least one go to seed so as to ensure the next generation.

I has parsley like seedling available at the moment, several to a tube, at $6.50 to get you started so why not get started.Smynium perfoliatum

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