Smyrnium perfoliatum

This is one of the best self seeding biennials for semi-shade bar none in my humble opinion! It grows to about 60cms tall at flowering and to the uninitiated it could be a Euphorbia with its limy-yellow bracts surrounding the flowers. However those that look closely will realise that it is in fact Apiaceae (in the Carrot family).

It looks stunning with spring bulbs or sheets of Forget me nots and as long as you learn to recognise the first year seedlings you will always have it. It is also edible if things get out of hand as it can be blanched and has a delicate celery flavour making it good in soups or salads.

The whole plant can be picked when in full bloom and used as a long lasting cut flower so what more could you want! I have newly germinated seedlings, several to a 3″ tube for $6.50 so see me soon for the start of your own drift.Smynium perfoliatum

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