Tulipa acuminata?

This has to be about the weirdest and most confusing yet appealing tulip going.

Depending on your reference it is a synonym of T.gesneriana and yet no one seems to give it a cultivar or forma name unless it is T. ‘Cornuta’ as I have seen it listed. It is however most often listed as T. acuminata  even though it is clearly not a wild species and has never been found in nature.

Some references suggest that it is a much loved form from the Ottoman Empire and others suggest it is a cultivar from the early 1800’s and is commonly called a Fire Tulip.

What ever it is it is a conversation starter par excellence with its narrow red and yellow tepals (petal like structures)

I have a very small number for sale at the moment for $15.50 so don’t miss out.

P.S. it likes to be treated like any other garden tulip.DSC_0192

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