Viburnum plicatum ‘Grandiflorum’

An oldie but a goodie! Over the years more and more cultivars of this species have hit the market and many are great plants in their own right. However I don’t think any are an improvement on this the Japanese Snowball.

This is a deciduous shrub to 2metres with branches in flat layers that alway look classy. In spring it starts to produce its ball like heads along the tops of the branches and they are almost fully formed and yet still green (Green Snowballs!). they naturally turn white and then stay put for ages through the spring so really pay their way.

Come autumn and the leaves will also turn attractively adding another string to the bow. Less overt but important is the tiered layers of branches that even bare add garden structure.

A morning sun aspect out of the hot winds will suit best and allow it room to fan out as it would be a shame to hack the ends of branches.

I have young plants in 15cm. pots at $18.50DSC_0392

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