Viburnum setigerum

This Genus has almost everything! Some are scented some and deciduous,some are evergreen,some have huge flower clusters, some have great berries. In fact if you ever wanted to collect a Genus without it dominating your garden then this could be it!

My selected species is a rarely seen one from China and its assets are legion. The plant grows to about 2.5metres tall and has an open attractive framework so it won’t hide you from them next door! The leaves are fairly large and tend to hang down. They start out bronze tinged, turn greyish-green in summer and rich shades in autumn before shedding and are used in some parts of China as a tea substitute as well.

The flowers are small and white in clusters in spring and these are followed in autumn by bright red berries that are somewhat flattened making them two sided. These make great cut material for decorating the house if you can bring yourself to cut them.

I have young plants in 15cm. pots at $18.50Viburnum setigerum

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